Here are some of our frequently asked questions


Download our app, find a beautician of your choice, click on the book an appointment.

In most cases, if the beautician is under the category of your choice, you can book an appointment and there’s an option to upload an inspirational photo. Also you can send a question and attach a photo to the message directly from the beauticians page

Due to high volumes of last minute cancellations, we want to reduce this from happening so our beauticians are not missing out on serious clients.

Yes it is, if the beautician is a no show, no communication and you do not want to be rescheduled with another beautician from our platform. We can always transfer your deposit credit to another beautician, if you choose to use our platform but a different beautician.

Our beauticians signed a term and agreement which prevents them from making such demands. We do this to ensure you are always treated with our quality standards. If you do choose to reject our policy, we are not liable for that service. Also please report any beautician who goes against our policy

That is settled with your beautician, our beauticians use paypal, cash app, square and take cash as well

We service for free for up to 15 miles, however some stylist can choose to travel for up to 20 miles for free. After their set miles, its 1$ a mile extra one -way ( eg, if you are 30 miles from a beautician , a 15$ fee extra will be your fee). Your beautician will notify of your total amount during appt

Each beautician charges a different price, to view pricing download our app, choose a beautician and click book now to view pricing.


Download our app, Click on beautician portal, fill out the simple registration form. BE SURE TO COMPLETE THE TRAINING ECOURSE & TEST. Once completed, return to app , book an appointment for an intro Q & A phone call or in person meet with one of our team leads.

We do this to verify that all our beauticians do quality work. Our clients depend on our vetting to ensure that they are in good hands. We also do this for safety reasons.

  • Each client pays a 20% deposit when booking their appointment. The balance which is your 80% commission goes directly to you upon completion of service. The client pays you directly with whichever form of payment you choose ( we suggest you have an option such as cash app or paypal to receive card payments)

What is my compensation?

  • The beautician gets 80% of all appointments and mobile beauties gets 20%. 100% of Long distance fee and tips belongs to the beautician

Please it is always better to inform the client about your concerns, sometimes clients can change their style. if client insist on the style, let them know you would have to cancel the appointment  and ask the client to book someone else ( you can notify us via chat or email for us to refund them ). For the sake of your personal reviews which goes on your profile, do not try a style you are unfamiliar with.

  • Sure, we understand things happen, however the earlier you notify your client with a tangible professional excuse the better. Be aware that this can’t be a habit. if we notice this as a habit, we will have to take measures. And you do not want bad reviews on your profile because of poor communication. Also always manually reschedule the client on your calendar to avoid double bookings.

Yes, uniform and mb slides must be worn to every appt. Our clients expect to see the brand on our beautician. We do this as a promotional strategy to stay on our clients mind and home so they  keep coming back to MB for their beauty needs. we all benefit from repeat clients .We do ask reviews/surveys after each service. Not wearing a uniform is not OPTIONAL and will result in us taking measures. We recommend everyone gets at least 2  uniforms, we will provide free slides to active beauticians who have completed at least 7 appts and good reviews. The toolbox is optional but highly recommended

No, as stated in our policy to both beauticians and clients, everyone MUST book via our website to ensure quality and safety of both parties. Any beauticians reported for doing this , will have their calendar terminated and we will involve the courts. Even after a beautician leaves our platform, you can not take mb clients. You are to redirect clients to our platform. We will eventually be made aware if this is disregarded, we have had beauticians do this in the past, Hence why we now have a legal action in place. 

Clients are aware that beauticians travel up to 15-20 miles for free, anything after that is 1$ extra per mile one way (eg a client who is 30 miles away owe a 10-15$ traveling fee). The whole fee goes to you, the company doesn't get any %.

  • You are free to price as low or high as you please. We suggest you price at a reasonable fee to stay competitive. Take into consideration that as a mobile beautician, you are not paying for rent or any other overhead. This should help you to price the same as salons charge clients.

We have been in business for 10 years when we were just mobile braiders. We never encountered an situation that endangered our lives. So base on our experience, we say yes you are. And also that is one of the reason we have the client pay a deposit with their cards, so we have a record of them on the system. If you are ever in an environment where you feel unsafe, we recommend you leave and notify us of the cancellation. The clients are notified to have their pets locked up, no smoking, drugs in your presence. They are notified to create a safe environment for our beauticians.

Absolutely, the more people book you and give you great reviews, the more visible you will be on the site. So share, make business cards and get that money.

We now have custom mobile beauties pre-stretch braiding hair available to use for all braiding appts. Clients have been notified to expect our brand only. ONLY mb braiding hair will be used for all braids appts. unless special circumstance such as client request special length or color. Clients have the option to order our hair via Amazon. Also Beauticians can order hair for a wholesale price and earn profits when selling it retail to clients during appointment. We started this to ensure the quality of hair, and to consistently market our brand to our clients. The more our logo stays on their mind and house. The more they remember to always book with us.

  • one single bundle pack of mb hair is $2
  • Our bundles are fuller than what is sold in the beauty supply. ( 1 trio bundle pack cost $6 and usually 2 packs ($12 total) is needed for a client VS mb 3 bundles @ $7.50 ( retail $2.50 per pack) 
  • Beauticians can charge upto $3 per pack retail to clients. ( thats a $1 per pack profit)
  • average client style will take 3-4 packs
  • must buy atleast 1 case of 50pieces ($100)
  • the length is 24-26 inches, hot water sealing, etc.

This happens often where clients book a cheaper option and want a more costly style. Please notify the client before the appt. day  and let them know that their inspo phot0 will cost more. Most of the time clients have no issue paying. For the few clients that deny to pay the up charge, let them know professionally  they will be refunded and they can pick another braider who might be within their budget. 

first, let the client know they booked you and as listed they are outside of your travel boundaries. They will be refunded and able to book with someone closer. Then notify us about the refund ( please be sure your profile does reflect your travel boundaries)

To reduce any confusion and micro management. We do not pay beauticians deposit extras nor do we receive an increase deposit fee. This is why make sure to list all services in details and do consultations with clients before appts. ( adjust your calendar as often as needed to reduce any confusion). 

OPTIONAL. - Inform the client they booked the wrong service and therefore they will be refunded and cancel the appt. and Have them rebook under the right service. 

Your acuity app will allow you to reschedule, set availability or cancel appts. so please do not rely on the management team to do this for you.

You are absolutely responsible for your calendar availabilities. We do not control your availability so setup and update as often as needed. Any booking that comes on your appt during your open availability is your responsibility. You can not decline an appt. due to you not keeping up with an accurate availability. If we notice this as a habit measures will be taken. 

We hate to reprimand any team member, but we have to hold ourselves accountable and responsible in order to keep order. We understand life can happen or misunderstandings of new beauticians, so these are not for rare occurrences  but for when we notice a habit. So base on management's decision making, the following measures can be taken;

  •   Require beautician to take extra training, either virtually or in person ( calendar will be paused until training is completed)
  • A monetary fine of the full amount of lost appt. ( if we lose an appt due to a beauticians constant disregard)
  • Immediate Termination 

Yes, this can be done via our whatsapp group chat. If an appt is beyond your skills, distance, or an emergency. Please post it on the chat ONLY after doing a phone consultation with the client to get a clear picture. We want to reduce cancellations with clients so try to pass on an appt. in special instances when a client can't reschedule or change style.

However, due to everyone's different prices and availabilities, it's best to have the client rebook with another beautician to avoid confusion. notify management for refund.

  1. consultation/intro with client.=                          " Hello ms. mary, this is louise with mobile beauties, i'm calling/texting about your upcoming hair appt."
  2. notifying client about running late.    = 'Hello ms. mary, this is louise with mobile beauties.  i'm running... (give estimated time and ETA) late, please bare with me on time. I will be there asap
  3. notifying client about style/price change.=    Not sure if you are aware ms. mary but the style you choose will take more time to do which will increase the price to....(state price). Is that ok with you ms mary?
  4. notifying client about emergency.     = " I apologise ms. mary i have an emergency come up today and unfortunately i can't make it to you. Is it possible to reschedule you for another day or i can see if another beautician can service you if you can't reschedule"
  5. Asking client to reschedule.     =            " i apologize ms mary, my schedule got overbooked, is it possible to reschedule for another day? i'm sorry for the inconvenience"
  6. Notifying client about booking outside of your travel distance.         " I'm not sure if you are aware ms mary but my profile is listed for ..(state your travel distance and city). so unfortunately i can't service you, we can process your refund so you are able to book with a beautician who travels to you. 

Absolutely not, please do not take long calls while on a clients head and house. if it's an emergency please excuse yourself for a quick phone all. Our professionalism must show in all details. 

We take pride in showing our clients appreciation for choosing us by picking up after ourselves. Please pickup hair, wrappers, etc that was caused by the appt. This shows our professionalism and care for our client's convenience. 

Please contact our team via Whatsapp or email mobilebeautiesgo@gmail.com with all the changes  to update pricing, add services, edit calendar listings,etc. This is because only an admin can make certain changes.