So you’ve had your braids in for a few weeks and now they aren’t looking as new as they used to, but you’re not sure when to take them out. There are some tell-tale signs that your braids are overdue for a redo.

Installed for more than 6 weeks

If you’ve had your braids in for 6 weeks or more, it’s definitely time to take them out! After 6 weeks your hair will begin to matt and lock, therefore increasing shedding and breakage. If you are noticing that you’re hair is not growing then chances are you’ve left your protective style in for too long. Sometimes your braids can last more than 6 weeks before they start to look old, but the damage is still occurring so beware and try to take them out soon. If you must leave them in for longer than 6 weeks, try not to exceed 8 weeks.

Looks really dull and old

If your braids look really dull and old, then it’s definitely time to take them out. But what if its only been 4 weeks? Take them out. Some styles can’t last up to 6 weeks, so it’s best to take them out when they start getting old and dull. Ignoring this sign and leaving your braids in will damage your hair and defeat the purpose of a “protective style.”

New growth

When you notice your braids dangling because its growing out, it’s time to take out the braids. New growth is great, but it creates more tension causing breakage. If you want to keep your edges, be sure to take the braids out as soon as you notice the dangling.

In short, be sure to care for your hair while and it’s in braids and be aware of these signs. Don’t compromise the health of you hair and your edges to keep your braids in longer.


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