SummerTime Frizz

Hazy, Hot, Humid are the three words that cause havoc with our hair.  We move from the dryness caused by winter heating into the frizz of summer humidity!  Frizz effects all textures whether you have curls or bone straight hair.  The same conditions that affect our natural hair effect 100% human hair weaves and extensions!  It doesn’t hurt to refresh our styling routines with these simple but effective suggestions:

Conditioner is going to hydrate your hair.  Make sure to choose conditioners that contain natural oils and keratin.  Best advice is to try not to shampoo every day, this will help to keep the natural oils in your hair which helps keep the fizz away!

Heat Protectant styling products will not only help to protect your hair from damaging heat but also help to keep the frizz away after you have spent all that time styling with a blow-dryer, curling iron or flat iron.  Try a spritz of leave-in conditioner or detangling spray later in the day if your style is not holding on those really hot days.

Follow these tips and your summer styling will be a breeze!


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