Trying to grow your hair can be like caring for a very stubborn plant. The soil has to be kept moist at all times or the plant will wither and die. This is exactly what happens to your hair if your scalp does not stay moisturized. You can put moisturizing products in your hair itself, but if you neglect your scalp, then your hair will not reach its full potential. You wouldn’t just water the leaves of a plant, right? You water the soil because the health of the soil determines the health of the plant.

But how do you keep your scalp moist and tend to your curls? This rice milk conditioning spray by Stunnababez not only moisturizes the scalp and hair, but also stimulates growth.  Whether you have braids, weave, or a natural fro, this product will keep your scalp moist and you will see growth. It is a natural product with no chemicals or dyes. This leave in conditioner works for all hair types and will leave your hair soft and curly. Your hair will thank you for it. For best results, use daily and do not wash it out.

You can purchase this amazing product here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/STUNNABABEZHAIR


“The rice milk conditioning spray gives me the curls and changes my hair texture while also nourishing my hair and scalp, giving it all it needs to flourish…” -Stunnababez


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