All hair grows but, type 4 hair usually sees the least amount of length retention (especially fine hair) due to being more prone to brittleness and breakage from its lack of moisture. Contrary to belief that Type 4 hair must be the toughest, it is actually the most fragile of all hair types.

With that being said you have to be extremely gentle with your strands.  Here are Top 3 Tips for length retention.

  • Protective and Low Manipulation Styles: Take care of your ends by keeping it moisturized, sealed with oils, trimmed as needed and tucked away. I especially recommend protective or low manipulation hair styles for fine hair. Low manipulation hair styles (Style that does not require constant handling of hair) such as braids and twists are a must to really see length retention and better volume. If you style fine hair daily then expect mechanical breakage and a low level of length retention.
  • Moisturize: By moisture, I mean water. Try to wet your hair daily and wash and deep condition your hair weekly. You don’t want your curls deprived of moisture. A good hair regimen will produce a defined curl pattern every time. Coarse hair is often harder to keep moisturized. Use LCOB (Liquid, cream, oil and hair butter) on wet curls for an immediate moisturizing fix. In general, for all type 4, keep up a good weekly deep conditioning routine. For fine hair, Use the LOC method and make sure the cream is light like a lotion consistency so your style would not be weighed down. Try Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls for a cream that will leave hair light and soft for styling.
  • Wash your Hair in Twist: I personally tried this and was floored when I saw no breakage despite usually having  little less than dime-size hair loss (which is normal by the way). Because I kept the stands in twist, the hair stayed bound together stronger. I was still able to wash my scalp and my hair itself. However, the second time I used this method, I did see some shedding, but it was nothing compared to the amount of hair I would normally lose on wash day.

I hope this has helped you to understand more about your hair. Please comment below on your hair texture and regimen. We would love to hear what is working for you or any recent challenges you might be having.

See you soon.

Ruth Adewoye


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