In the last blog, we had a detailed discussion about Hair Type (if you missed it, See it here). Now we will discuss the next two things that affect how you retain hair length.

Hair Texture and Density

Hair texture and density are often used interchangeably but they are not the same. When we use terms like “fine” or “coarse ” to describe hair, we are talking about texture (the size of the individual hair strand). When we use terms such as “thin” or “thick” we are describing the hair’s density (number hair strands per square inch of scalp).

Texture – The texture of the hair is first defined by its strands which can be fine, medium or course. You can determine your hair texture using the thread test. A thread is a medium size strand. Strands smaller than that are fine, while strands larger than that are coarse. Please see below chart to help you define your hair texture.

Density – Hair density relates to how much hair strands are growing out of your scalp. To determine your hair density. Make a part in your hair and gently pull each chunk of hair apart to see the amount of space between strands. A lot of scalp showing means you have low density (thin) hair while almost no scalp means high density (thick) hair.

When deciding on a hair regimen, it’s helpful to consider your hair texture and density. Certain products may work best for different hair types. Let us know in the comments below what your hair texture and density is.

Until next time,

Ruth Adewoye


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