You want to add more BANG to your look?  Try dyeing your weave!  This blog is also good for those who want to dye their weave to match their natural hair color.

NOTE:  Before we get started, please remember that the best hair to dye is Unprocessed Virgin hair.  All of the hair on Banging Bundles is Unprocessed Virgin Hair and will dye amazing.  Now, let’s get started!


  • Hair Dye and Developer- Buy at a beauty supply store.  Buy 1 pack of hair dye for each bundle.
  • Powder Bleach (depending on if the hair dye is blonde or light brown)
  • Latex Gloves
  • Bowl
  • Towel/Sheet
  • Your favorite lightweight Hair Conditioner
  • Aluminum Foil
  • CombStep One:

    Place a towel/sheet on the kitchen table – hair dye can get messy!  Put your tracks on the towel and ensure there aren’t any tangles. Put on your latex gloves and mix up the right amount of hair color/ 4 Tbsp of developer/Powder Bleach together in a bowl.

    Step Two:

    Coat every single strand of your hair weave with the hair dye. Remember it’s a better to use too much dye rather than not using enough. Use a comb to distribute the hair dye while applying it. Once you’re done applying the dye, place the weave in aluminum foil.  Weave takes longer to dye, so the bundles need to remain in the aluminium foil between 60 minutes – 90 minutes.

    Step Three:

    Once the time is up, rinse the hair dye out of the weave with warm water.  Apply lightweight conditioner. Comb the hair weave after applying the conditioner to moisturize and for even distribution. Leave the conditioner on your weave for about 20 minutes. Without doing this step, your weave will be stiff and hurt your neck when installed.

    Wash the conditioner out using cold water. This will seal in the hair color.

    Step Four:

    To dry your weave, I suggest to hang them on a hanger or a BB weave stand and air-dry.  Some people use a blow-dryer to dry the weave, but I think the more heat on the weave – the more it will damage and not last.   https://youtu.be/2PvNueXeQQA

4 Easy Steps To Dye Weave for Beginners


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